Citronel Cardamom Tea Premixes

Category: Consumables

Citronel offers wide variety of refreshing hot beverages and similar products to fulfill your vending needs. We select only the best quality products by conducting continuous quality check to ensure you get only the best product available out there.

This Cardamom Tea is combination of Milk powder, Sugar, Tea & Cardamom extract and other emulsifiers to energize a drooping mind. Besides being a good breath freshener it stimulates digestion and reduces gas formation. You need to fill up this premix in Vending Machine and just press a button, Presto – your Cardamom Tea is ready to serve and drink. Though this Cardamom Tea Premix is ideal for use in Vending Machine, but there is another smart way of using this product. You can make Cardamom Tea in seconds by adding just hot water.