12 years of excellence

Citronel Vending has been fulfilling the special vending and office refreshment needs for a wide range of industries in UAE since 2004, taking into account every aspect of the Vending refreshment operation.
Our company tailors its service to employees’ and clients’ unique preferences by offering a wide variety of quality products from brand names, private labels and regional favorites.

We are dealing with vending machines of different types that can be used in any location to serve you, your employees and/or your customers. These European machines are of top quality ISO 9001 certified and extremely energy efficient. These machines can offer hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks.
We can supply your premises with any machine of your choice which can serve your people at your site with no or minimal cost on you, moreover, you have no responsibility regarding servicing the machines, our qualified team will take care of that for you by keeping them in high quality hygienic condition. We offer to install them, hygienically maintain them, service them and replace them if necessary, all free of charge.
We offer a full range of products in collaboration with companies such as Nestle, Kit Kat, Almarai, Sun top, Capri sun, and many more.
We offer competitive prices to ensure that customers are happy and willing to buy at a reasonably competitive price compared to other vending operators.

Citronel Vending can help your company improve workplace productivity by implementing a complete refreshment program that boosts your employee morale, satisfaction and loyalty.

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